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Primal Pictures 3D Human Anatomy Medical Software


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Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries Series

Where Movement Meets Medicine

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The Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries (FAMI) app series educates health and fitness professionals about the movements of the human body.

These visually stunning apps include:

  • Interactive 3D anatomy Principles of movement
  • Movements specific to the joint
    (eg flexion, extension)
  • Weight-training exercises
  • Yoga & Pilates movements
  • Clinical correlates
    (eg rotator cuff injury, ACL tear, arthritis)
  • Medical images
    (eg X-ray, MRI)

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Our Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMi) iPad app series will be released throughout the year and will include; Back & Abdomen, Ankle & Foot, Wrist & Hand and Head & Neck.

What are the leading healthcare professionals saying about FAMI?

Rebekah Rotstein in - pilates instructor, movement educator, exercise specialist, guest lecturer.
Creator of Pilates for Buff Bones® & founder of Incorporating Movement.

" I love interactive anatomy and the FAMI apps integrate this very well. I like the ability to read about something and simultaneously look at the visual component in a multimedia format. I also really like the clinical correlate here which makes these apps unique."

"The apps allow me to look up specific anatomical features for my own reference or curiosity (like the nerve innervation on the hip app), as well as for teaching and presenting concepts, whether to clients or exercise professionals. They're even helpful in discussions with medical professionals who may not have studied *functional* anatomy, so the visuals of the app can bridge the divide between the terms they memorized years ago and their direct applications in movement."

Madeline Black  - international leader in Pilates Instruction and movement education.
PMA-CPT, ACE and ACSM certified, and Hendrickson Method certified.

"Visual images are more effective in understanding anatomy. Rather then explaining verbally about what area of the body they need to focus on while training, the app will be quicker and clearer. We'll have more time training than talking. The apps may give us an extra exercise or two in the session."

"Yes, I would recommend the FAMI apps. For health & fitness professionals, who want to learn the muscles from deep to superficial with the movement component the app is a valuable tool. It is especially helpful seeing the muscles on the whole skeleton and touching specific points to identify muscles, ligaments, joints and bursas. It can be useful in the moment as a reference tool during a session. Plus the teacher/trainer can quiz themselves for fun by identifying the muscle before touching it to confirm the name."

Created by a team of physicians & fitness professionals, the FAMI app series successfully bridges the gap between movement and medicine.

Stephanie P Marango, MD, RYT
Director, Sacred Body Institute, New York, NY. USA

Carrie McCulloch, MD
Medical Director, Kinected, New York, NY. USA

Matt McCulloch, BFA
Director, Kinected, New York, NY. USA

Jeffrey T Laitman, PhD, FAAA
Distinguished Professor & Director, Center for Anatomy and Functional Morphology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY. USA

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