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Primal Pictures donates 3D human anatomy resources as the University of Cape Town rebuilds after fire

Primal Pictures and partner Learning Curve to provide a free year of access

LONDON (April 28, 2021) – The tragic April 18 fire that partially destroyed the University of Cape Town’s Jagger Library and other nearby buildings really hit home here at Primal Pictures. Many of our clients are educational institutions, and serving students with the most accurate and evidence-based 3D human anatomy tools has been an integral part of our mission.

While the loss of a priceless collection of African antiquities and tens of thousands of items from their African Studies collection is irreplaceable, as a gesture of goodwill Primal Pictures and our partner Learning Curve will provide a free year of access to our digital products.

“We were shocked by the horrific events in Cape Town,” says Primal Sales Manager Helen Olivares. “We hope in small part that this donation will help the library and the university community get back on its feet and move forward on its path of recovery.”

Primal Pictures staff are in contact with UCT officials to arrange access. If you’d like to help, nonprofit organization Gift of the Givers is providing relief to students and is accepting donations.

Primal Pictures recognizes the vital position UCT holds for South African, African, and worldwide academics and wishes a speedy rebuild and continued healing. You can read UCT’s updates on the fire here.

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