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Learn, reference & visualize anatomy in motion like never before

As an inherently 3D subject, anatomy cannot be appreciated with 2D representation alone. Anatomy also isn’t static, and its true beauty comes out when you see it functioning – which is often a greater challenge trying to explain. That’s why learners often replicate movements described in their textbooks or lectures to try to appreciate what is happening in 3D. Actions speak louder than words and that is exactly where Real-time Functional Anatomy can help you.


What is Real-time Functional Anatomy?

Delivering 3D anatomical movements like no other resource, Real-time Functional Anatomy will enable you to gain:

    • Holistic knowledge through a 3D model of the human body comprising every region and system, with structures that can be ghosted and dissected
    • Enhanced understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy by observing functional movements from any angle and vantage point
    • Deeper learning from visualizing actions of individual muscles, to muscles functioning as groups
    • Real-world skills by using 3D goniometers to view range of motion measurements


You can trial the early access version of Real-time Functional Anatomy for free by getting in touch today. We also are offering subscription packages with discounted pricing during the early access period – just use the link above to find out more. See a preview video below and scroll down for video of the resource in action.




Getting started with Real-time Functional Anatomy

Trialing Real-time Functional Anatomy? Check out our Quick Start video for tips to help you get started:




Development Roadmap: During the early access period we will be adding functionality and content on a regular basis to get us ready for our full release during 2023. All early access subscribers will benefit from these developments as we release them.


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